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His psychic skill set sharpened, Vale is sent out to nd Revok and inltrate his organization. Vale makes contact with scanner sculptor Ben Pierce (Robert Silverman) in the artists studio, located in a rural barn lled with weird, grotesque forms. Here Vale learns that Pierce uses his art to quiet the telepathic voices in his head. My art keeps me sane, the eccentric sculptor explains to his fellow scanner. As they converse inside one of Pierces works, an enormous human head, Revok, who wishes to remain hidden, sends a hit team out to murder them. Pierce is mortally wounded before Vale can use his psychic repower to dispatch the assassins, but before dying Pierce gives Vale a line on a group of benevolent, unafliated scanners led by the elusive Kim Obrist (Jennifer ONeill). Contacting the New-Agey scanner group, Vale participates in a sancelike telepathic meditation session with Kim and the other scanners, but their group mind-meld is interrupted by Revoks henchmen, who break in on a killing rampage from which only Vale and Kim manage to escape. Seeking refuge at ConSec, Vale contacts Dr. Ruth in an attempt to come in, but no one at the corporation knows that security chief Keller is secretly working for Revok. When Vale and Kim are brought in to headquarters, Keller isolates Kim and attempts to murder her. The couple manage to scan their way out of ConSec and eliminate Keller, but not before the security head murders Dr. Ruth in order to keep him quiet. On the run again, Vale uses his psychic powers to hack into ConSecs computer network and learns that ConSec subsidiary Biocarbon Amalgate, a pharmaceutical rm, has been taken over by Revok and is manufacturing ephemerol in large quantities. Vale and Kim pay a visit to one of the pediatricians who is prescribing the drug, and Kim experiences the unsettling feeling of being scanned by an unborn fetus in a pregnant mothers womb. In the nal confrontation, Revok tells Vale the bitter truth: they are brothers and their father was Dr. Ruth, who experimented with ephemerol on his own wife decades earlier and unwittingly produced the rst 190 Cinema of the Psychic Realm Jennifer ONeill and Stephen Lack as paranormal scanners in David Cronenbergs Scanners (1981). Revok is using the ephemerol manufactured at Biocarbon Amalgamate to create a new race of scanners that will bring the world of normals to its knees. The script for Scanners, penned by Cronenberg, recycles plot elements from both The Power and The Fury such as psi-induced nosebleeds and tachycardia, and mano a mano paranormal duels between warring psychics. As a horror-oriented director, however, Cronenbergs treatment of the theme is characteristically darker and more perverse.

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He was like a captain in rough seas who said trust me, we’ll do the real thing and it will work. This way the voice remained consistent even as both their ideas were integrated. Rather than have Hart or even Donna Rice tell the story, Reitman thought: why not replace the central narrator with a neutral, panoramic view that gives each of the rich panoply of characters a voice without assigning anyone the role of hero or villain. And that became one of the most important things to Jason, that we use the real language and words you would really hear in the backrooms of campaigns. €ť. What did you drink and what were your favorite snacks. Says Reitman: “It was really important to us have five different female characters to watch this story through: Donna Rice, Lee Hart, Andrea Hart, Irene Kelly and Ann Devroy at The Washington Post—and they each come at the situation from different POVs. €ť. But Donna is a far more complicated person than was depicted at the time, and we wanted to make sure that was in the writing. You have to keep in mind that there was no playbook for her in 1987—there was no one who’d gone through that in American politics before. So it was vital to us to tell her story with compassion and complexity, to show her dignity,” says Bai. So I knew there was this very human, painful side to someone who is in that position that isn’t exposed to the world. €ť. Gilbert, whose BRON Studios is a champion of bold storytelling and worked with Reitman on Tully. The film would be a challenge to shoot, with its emphasis on improvisatory cross-talk and parallel action, its roving, unpredictable camera and its insistence on not judging characters who without realizing it in the moment are seen changing the American trajectory, and their own lives, with their decisions. He’s both a friend and a great creative partner,” says Gilbert. What I loved most about the script is that the affair is really secondary to the main story. We never even know if the affair happened and the script doesn’t go there. Instead, it’s about a major sea-change in the tenor of politics and the way media covers it, and that is what got us all excited.

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Spirits are known to be into butchery. 13. If there’s a lonely tree outside, either burn it down or decorate it with fairy lights. You will be helping put the spirit out of its lonely misery. 14. There will always be a door that will not open no matter how hard you try. Tell your kids to not be dicks and try to open it. 15. Spirits like to live in places that are dark, dingy, and full of filth. I always love films that immerse me into a world that’s far away from where I live, and gives me a chance to learn a bit more about the struggles they are facing. A large spectrum of the South African population includes the indigenous, Asian, European, Indonesian, Phillipino, Indian of India, and many others. The film won an Audience Choice award at the Africa World Documentary Film Festival (Bermuda Int’l Film Festival) and was featured at several US, International Film Festivals and in over 60 major Universities. In September 2014, Chace’s film was one of two selected to present at the prestigious academic conference Migrating the Black Body: Visual Arts and the African Diaspora in Hanover Germany. Her role in the conference will be documented in the upcoming book by the same name. Blending poetry, landscape imagery, and rare archive footage with a collection of powerful, indigenous voices, Word of Honour is an introspective look into South Africa’s young democracy as well as a meditation on what may be looming on the horizon. (All South African cast and crew). In 1995, I helped produce a US concert tour for the popular South African vocal group the Christian Explainers. During that tour, one of young women in the group, in a somewhat fearful confession, shared a secret with me “Kiersten, in my country I am not considered black, I am Coloured. €ť Like many Americans I was stunned by her use of the term Coloured, but she kindly requested that I maintain an open mind.

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The linebacker had 13 tackles, including 12 solo, and added a quarterback hurry. Wagner's most impressive and impactful play came in the second quarter on an Arizona field-goal attempt. On the play, he lept over Cardinals long snapper Aaron Brewer and blocked the 39-yard field-goal attempt with his chest, then recovered the ball, a key play in the low-scoring game. Booker, a rookie with the Broncos, rushed for a career-best 83 yards in Denver's 27-9 victory over Houston. He also scored his first pro touchdown on a 1-yard run late in the third quarter to cap a 72-yard drive. Booked added a 4-yard reception against the Texans. For the season, he has rushed for 244 yards while averaging 4. yards per carry. Who had the best week among the three. Here’s a look at how the other Utah ties performed in the NFL in Week 7: PACKERS 26, BEARS 10 Green Bay Marwin Evans, S, Utah State: Had a special teams tackle on 14 special teams snaps. Kyler Fackrell, OLB, Utah State: Played 10 defensive snaps and 16 special teams snaps. Chicago Patrick Scales, LS, Utah State and Weber High: Played seven special teams snaps. BENGALS 31, BROWNS 17 Cincinnati Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah State and Fremont High: Played one defensive snap and 16 special teams snaps. Cleveland Stephen Paea, DT, Snow College and Timpview High: Played 18 defensive snaps and one special teams snap. On injured reserve: Nate Orchard, OLB, Utah and Highland High On practice squad: Mitch Mathews, WR, BYU; Jordan Leslie, WR, BYU LIONS 20, REDSKINS 17 Detroit Miles Killebrew, SS, Southern Utah: Had one tackle on 10 defensive snaps and 13 special teams snaps. Nevin Lawson, CB, Utah State: Started at cornerback and had six tackles, including five solo, while playing 63 defensive snaps and nine on special teams. Haloti Ngata, DT, Highland High: Not active for game with shoulder injury. Kyle Van Noy, LB, BYU: Started at linebacker and had three tackles, including two solo, on 36 defensive snaps and 17 special teams snaps. Washington On practice squad: Kendal Thompson, WR, Utah RAIDERS 33, JAGUARS 16 Oakland Keith McGill, DB, Utah: Played four defensive snaps and 25 special teams snaps.

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Guess this week's movie review will have to be pushed back to make way for this glorious gem. We are available across all podcast platforms. New segments coming soon! -. Martyrs will be covered in the future but for now, a P. . for you all. -. If some heavy, genre bending death metal is what you crave, give them a listen. I've been listening to this album since the concert Thursday and I can't put it down. Available only at 1134Productions. om or direct link in bio. Whether it gets printed on CD or not will be determined by 1134 support within the next week or 2. Either way, it will definitely be released in May so check back soon for official release date and pre-order info. SOAPBOX: I give my opinion on why you should OR should not buy a PSVITA in 2019. Odd choice I know, but I think you'll be surprised by what the actual verdict will be. -. So Sony decided to make a sequel to the awesome Hollow Man which I'm not against at all I really liked the fact that this got a sequel because this movie somehow managed to make this one even more awesome than the first one like I'm not freaking kidding at all. That you accidentally step in and then try to rub the shit off your shoe in the grass, but then you still have shit in your tread so you sit on your porch with a tooth pick trying to dig it out.

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They also go over UFC 209 and who is next in line for a title shot against Tyron Woodley as well as look ahead at UFC 210, the return of David Branch and some up coming fights including an update. We give a match by match breakdown of the entire card and our thoughts on the 20 second main event and ending Charlotte’s PPV streak. Also we give a SPOILER filled review of the new horror film “A Cure for Wellness” and br. Volume 8 features more some Trump talk, Snapchatting your boobs, and farts. We are joined by friend of the show George Lucas as we answer questions from fans of the show live in attendance. We give a match by match breakdown of the entire card and our thoughts on the much talked about Rumble match. Volume 7 features more BK, Creepy Clown stories, and the most inappropriate teacher ever. We also briefly hit on NXT Takeover San Antonio, Kurt Angle going into the Hall of Fame. We are also joined by Dan as he reviews some of our selections and lists a few of his favorite movies from last year. We give our picks for the Best and Worst of the year including Be. We get his thoughts on “Rogue One” and what he would’ve done differently in the film, as well as his thoughts on “The Force Awa. Where does it rank among the previous 7 films? Listen and find out. We also preview the upcoming Smackdown PPV “WWE TLC”. Volume Six features multiple topics such as Harambe, flying cockroaches in NY, and creepy clowns spreading across the world. Volume Five features multiple topics such as the UK designer’s dress made of male pubic hair and multiple incidences at the. Team Smackdown, and the possibility of the Cruiserweight Division. We also hit on upcoming PPV matches for Survivor Series, Goldberg’s recent segment on Raw, 205 Liv. We also hit on upcoming PPV matches for Hell in a Cell, Goldberg’s return to WWE.

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Erins became good friends. The first ten years was in Woodland Hills, over in the Valley, and when I was ten, my family moved to Malibu. J: (Smiles) Uhh -- no, I? not -- maybe my parents -- but not me! (laughs) O: What? your ethnic background. My mom is Japanese and half- European. I? 22 now. O: Q. Allan Brocka, your BOY CULTURE director, mentioned to me earlier that you were waiting for another audition next door while they were conducting the movie? audition. And the casting director couldn? help to ask if you? like to audition as well, for BOY CULTURE. I had an audition at Casting House in West L. . I was getting ready to get in when Robert McGhee, the casting director for BC came up and said to me, ? ey, are you coming in for BOY CULTURE.