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Ps. Cersei knew. She knew because honorable ol' Ned personally confronted her to give her a chance to back down for her children's sake. That's when Cersei flips it and warns Ned to back the fuck off. Either way, it was his double cross of supper that got Ned kilt. There was a deal in place to spare Ned's life, settle the line of succession and avoid a war. The proximate cause of both Ned's death and the civil war was that the capricious Joffrey killed Ned on a whim. Remember how displeased Tywin was about Ned's death. Because what matters now isn't whether LF was on Ned's side, didn't want Ned killed, or doublecrossed Ned. What matters now is how Sansa views LF, what she knows of what happened, etc. That's my point. She knows LF is a manipulating player and only tolerates his continued presence because he saved Jon's ass. She is already maneuvering him w her own long game which will end she learns of his Ned duplicity.

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Maybe Drogon is going in for a closeup to inspect and smell the targarian in him to let the other dragons know. There won't be any riding for Jon in episode 5 because they show him on foot at Eastwatch. Yes you deny them to the enemy, but you don't have them either. Don't bend the knee to a girl who is turning into a megalomaniac Jon cos your people will turn on you. Lord Acton's remark about power corrupting springs to mind. Aegon the Conqueror used his dragons and thousands died. I just hope Drogon wasn't poisoned by the scorpion spear. Remember Tyrion went into the sub-basement at Meereen and freed Viserion and Rhaegal and they did not attack him either. They want to stop Dany from continuing her rampage. She is making the people of Westeros worst nightmare come true by burning all those people with her dragon but she simply believes she is just putting things back to how they should have been. No one wants things to go back to the way it was when her dad was alive. They betrayed her father and supported a ruler who killed her brother. They're not slaves they're the enemy you have to be strict with enemy or they'll look at you as a weak ruler I'm surprised she even offered I WOULD'VE killed them all fuck them.