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Still, although the citizens of New Orleans were concerned about their neighbors in the outlying parishes, and gruesome though the news of the killings was, no one could venture out to investigate. The city was locked in a state of war, and until the battle had been fought, whatever its outcome, nothing could be done about the grisly attacks. But following General Andrew Jackson’s great victory over the British at the Battle of New Orleans, there appeared even more evidence that the tales of the Indians and Kentiauks might have Wolves, larger than any ever seen, were moving in borne some truth: the graves of many soldiers buried packs along the riverbanks. Bernard’s parish after the battle harassing the people of New Orleans? (Art by had been found disturbed and the remains dragged Ricardo Pustanio). This, pronounced everyone from priest to shaman, could only be the work of the loup-garou. The Basque butchers would certainly have been acquainted with the superstitions surrounding the “loup-garou”; the man-wolves were well-known in the lore of France. Indeed, some of the Basquemen or their ancestors might have encountered these same beasts, and although familiar with regularly subduing and dispatching powerful animals, the Basquemen would have recognized the werewolf as a formidable foe. In both the Old and New Worlds the wolf was known as an animal of great power, sometimes weighing twice as much as the average full-grown man. The wolf was swift and could easily travel more than one hundred miles in a day. In addition, the wolf’s sharp eyes and hearing, and its movement in packs with others of its kind, gave it a tremendous advantage over its prey. A hunter of deadly efficiency, as long as food remained plentiful, wolves avoided contact with humans. But in the bare months of winter, or other lean times, the wolf grew bolder, often invading and attacking whole villages. Unlike the dog, the great servant of humanity, the wolf recognized no master, and inevitably this rebelliousness would appeal to some humans. Over the years strange tales grew up to explain the rebelliousness and the insular nature of the Basque people. In the fear-ridden years of constant warfare and religious persecution, it was not inconceivable for those trying to understand the Basques to make the leap from fact to fancy. Therefore in Europe they had long been known as cursed with the evil charge of the loup-garou, and though they co-existed with men by the light of day, in the dark hours of the night, the wolfmen devoured human flesh. In an attempt to quell public excitement and growing suspicion about the butchers, several Capuchin monks of the St. Bernard’s abattoirs where, since the great victory at the Battle of New Orleans, the holding pens once again overflowed with steady shipments of cattle. The monks found the Basquemen welcoming, in their fashion, and were encouraged when all the men and their families attended an evening mass that was held on the battures.

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Later today I read some Moby Dick and there was a similar theme. In both cases what struck me was the realism regarding physiognomy. Idk how Iceland propaganda is but Americans are taught to believe everyone is equal in every way so you start to forget how much like monkeys the “former third-worlders” actually look. (This goes back to what I mentioned about body dysmorphia a little while back. We’re brainwashed to not see that these people are at a lower evolutionary rung than whites. And if the “physiognomy is real” meme has any bearing, their appearance directly reflects the contents of their souls. Sharing IS in fact caring, our kindergarten teachers were right. This is why the ethnostate will exist in a tension. The imperative of love can and does pull us that way, that’s simply our nature. The thing is Erikson, if everyone had the attitude that “we should pretend every country’s citizens shit in the streets in equal volume in order not to hurt anyone’s feelings” we’d never reach a consciousness higher than human because we’d be using all our energy and capital and genes on helping people who are lower than human. It isn’t necessarily unchristian to forsake the lower for the sake of the higher, Jesus spurned reputation, wealth, even his life, to beckon people to reach for the proto-overman that he called his father, God. Your argument essentially is that we should allow the leveling entailed in miscegenation because cyborgs will make whites look like apes anyway. Think of the thought-experiment I suggested a little while ago regarding the bronze, silver, and shiny silver AIs. In the future why would silver cyborgs allow themselves to be leveled into half-silver half-bronze cyborgs because a gold cyborg is on the horizon. You all seem to presuppose that the AI is the endpoint. What if the AI just let go after it came into existence. There’s no reason to think “the AI” would not multiply and develop various individualized nodes of consciousness and thus develop antagonisms akin to our humble left vs. Why would the right-wing silvers “let go” and allow that to happen. This is all an elaborate excuse to rationalize basic bitch “post”-christian communism. Oh no, a fat hog’s grease-clogged heart gave out- and yet, from my perch, this event resulted in a soft castration of many members of the cyber-right (I’m thinking specifically of BAP).


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I really like them preserving the reveal of Dany going on the offensive until Jon drops his “queen isn’t here” line. Sometimes a moment done well tells you everything you need to know. Jon wants an alliance without understanding how an alliance works. Jon cant expect that Dany would sacrifice herself, armies and dragons to fight for a kingdom with nothing in return. If the North refuses to commit to her then why should she commit herself, her dragons and her armies to the North. Dany let Yara keep the Iron Islands because Yara offered her ships to take her home and help her take the IT. See: give and take. Why does Dany need Jon exactly right now. According to Jon and Davos, the North barely has any men capable of putting up a good fight. Dany still has the biggest army ever, 3 dragons and an island filled with dragonglass. Now she has the Reach and other Southern regions that can provide her with food and resources. Even if she has to fight the WW, she doesnt really need Jon or his help. The only thing that Jon can offer her as a proof of his loyalty and the only guarantee that he wont stab her in the back is the North. Jon wants to keep the North independent while expecting Dany to abandon her life’s work and risk her life and the lives of her followers and children for people that refuse to commit to her. If Jon wants to keep the North independent then the reasonable thing she ought to do is let him handle the WW when the come South of the Wall and if he fails (which he most likely would) and WW move to kingdoms that have bent the knee then she can start her fight against the WW and protect the people who accepted her as the queen and Protector of the Realm. She has already shown Jon great hospitality and has generously while giving him the freedom to take as much dragonglass as he wants. So you really cant blame her for wanting him to bend. If you were in her place, would you go and risk placing your life and the lives of your loved ones in danger to protect people that wont nothing to do with you and view you with extreme dislike. I’m just spoiled and reminiscing over earlier seasons with gradual progressions instead of this more fast-paced season. He is beginning to notice the similarities in their way of thinking.

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It's possible to avoid getting stale with competent writers. He bugged me in S5 but I even enjoy him going full demented serial killer these days. But like The North, it was mostly just empty scrubland. Attached: 1388221-1403287861250-full. pg (87 KB, 600x300). Everything since then has just been a fucking trainwreck. Attached: d54b10d2e7e33c8d10629a206f45739b. pg (119 KB, 750x750). I mean I enjoy fantasy stuff and so on, but the intrigue in GoT was much better than the all out warfare. Why are people still falling for that garbage when there are people like frikdoctor with more believable spoilers that are backed up with set photos. The person writing it literally forgets certain characters died and just writes about them later on iirc. Also he's right about Friki, and his leaks are different. He knew what was in the trailer before it even was posted. You can't even say it's not a reliable source since he did similar with S7. With a fucking Minas Tirith remake where all the likeable characters fight against the unlikeable ones and an unquestionably evil force that is basicly muh global warming. Sister (the only family he really has left) gets captured by his uncle, because he was too afraid to do anything. Tries to rally his men to rescue his sister, but they all call him a coward, and tell him to fuck off. He gets the shit beaten out of him, and the only thing that saves him is the fact that he doesn't have a cock and balls. Jon and Dany go back to Winterfell Jon will most likely learn about his parentage there is a fight at Winterfell Euron comes back with the Golden Company How does that confirm ANYTHING you posted. I'll gladly watch the NPC bar reaction to that one.

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er internet is the same. as mines. It takes forever for utube and hulu video to load. I have flashplayer 10. something. SO. I'm asking u guys b4 i call the company. No problems. I could connect to the internet, download stuff with p2p, etc. About a week ago, we arrived in Las Vegas and have been living with my uncle's. I was enjoyed his really really fast internet (well, compared to my connection back in the Philippines, It was incredibly fast). I was able to download stuff of interest and also surf normally. I have to hold the power button just to turn it off. This also happens when I'm not connected but gives my laptop more normal run time, and eventually hangs. I tried running system restore while in safe mode and it was successful. I rebooted back into normal and the same problem occurred (hang, loud beep). I tried doing a system scan in safemode (since in normal mode, it would hang right away), and it found 1 threat (mebroot) and said (Norton) to have resolved it. Fortunately, I had a back up OS (win XPsp3 again installed on a separate partition). I surfed to google, fry's, target, (since I was shopping for stuff). After about 20 minutes into browsing, the same thing happened to my laptop (without browsing porn).