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In this sense, our ? st hypothesis was validated, as the voice manipulation in? enced the perception of assertiveness in a social storyteller robot by the participants. A similar e? ct happened in the videos where the posture is assessed. The pride posture is distinguished as more assertive than a shame posture. The mean of pride posture video is higher than the shame posture video, see Fig. 2 columns Posture Pride and Posture Shame. The shame posture can be characterised as more non-assertive mainly because it is a posture where the robot is gazing less at the person, as the robot’s head is most of the time tilt down. The pride posture, on the contrary, had the robot’s gaze directed most of the time at the participant. Further, the third hypothesis was also validated, once the robot’s posture gives the perception of assertiveness in the participants. Fig. 2. Descriptive statistics about all eight videos rated by participants. However, the speed at which the robot tells the story did not create the perception of assertiveness. Paradeda et al. di?

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Not a notable amount of work is found on ternary blend composite system in the literature. We have tried to find a relationship between structures of the polymer blend composites with thermal properties. Structural and thermal properties of the polymer-Lithium per chlorate blend composites showed an increase in crystallinity and a decrease of thermal stability with increasing salt concentration. In this investigation we have tried to find out the relation between XRD analysis and thermal behaviour of nanocomposites. Copper nanoparticles were prepared by chemical reduction method. The prepared nanoparticles were incorporated in poly (vinyl alcohol) by physical dispersion method. Various compositions of nanocomposites were obtained by changing the ratio of nanoparticles with the polymeric material and were subjected to the thermal and structural characterization. Thermal studies suggest a greater thermal stability of the nanocomposites with an increase in the ratio of nanoparticles in the nanocomposites. SEM was used to study morphology of the film and the dispersion of the nanoparticles in the polymer matrix. The dispersion of the nanoparticles within the polymer was merely uniform. View 31 Reads A Study on Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polymer Composites of Poly(vinyl alcohol) with Inorganic Material Article Full-text available Dec 2010 Gulfam Nasar Muhammad Saleem Khan Uzma Khalil In this paper we have tried to find the relationship of thermal and mechanical properties i. e. thermal conductivity, tensile strength and Young's Modulus of the composite material. Various concentrations of these salts were used to make composites of poly(vinyl alcohol). Films were grown, dried at room temperature and were subjected to mechanical, structural and thermal characterization. Thermal conductivity was determined at room temperature using polyethylene, silicon and quartz as reference. It was found out that the thermal conductivity of both the systems is highly dependent on the nature and the concentration of added salt in the polymeric composite.

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Col. Sain Dass Chib has been nominated as State Convener, while Capt. Karnail Singh and Subedar Major Bishambar Singh Jasrotia have been nominated as State Co-Conveners of the BJP Ex-serv icemen Cell. Colonel Sain Dass Chib has been nominated as State Convener, while Captain Karnail Singh and Subedar Major Singh Jasrotia have been nominated as State Conveners. S. Varinderjeet Singh congratulated the new nominees and expressed hope that they will prove to be an asset to the party as they have a long experience of serving for the nation. He said that Narendra Modi-led NDA government has fulfilled the long pending demands of One Rank One Pension (OROP) and the Ex-Servicemen are highly appreciable of this historic decision. Colonel Sain Dass Chib, while expressing gratitude to the party for giving him an opportunity to lead the Ex-Servicemen Cell in the State, assured to work whole- heartedly for mobilizing more and more ex-servicemen and getting them associated with BJP. ROTARY CLUB JAMMU DISTRICT 3070 HONORED ITS ROTRACT SECRETARY ISHANT GUPTA FOR HIS SERVICES In a function organized for the installation of new president Sh. Former President Rotary Clu b Jammu District 3070 Sh. Sanjeev Vaid appreciated the working of Ishant and his services for the club. Gupta also congratulated newly installed president Mr. Koul. Ishant said that he feel proud and honour to be a member of such worldwide organization that works for the society voluntarily without any lust. Gupta also share his experience at china and said the country is very clean and green, the reason for this is that the citizens of the country adopt themselves voluntarily and had a bit to throw garbage in dustbins only and also they plant more than ten thousand trees in a year. He appeal every citizen to prmote our Honb’le Prime Minister Sh. MLA inaugurates Langar for Amarnath yatris State BJP president, Sat Sharma (MLA Jammu West), inaugurated a grand Langar at Asa Ram Bapu Ashram, Bhagwati Nagar for the pilgrims of Shri Amarnath ji here today.

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But I imagined timberland chukka boots that people who knew of such things would walk to their mailboxes through the morning dew in their bare feet. e planned timberland classic tall boots our weddings with the help of Barbie dolls and the tiny purple wild flowers growing in our side yard. We became timberland 3eyes handsewn burgundy scientists and tested concoctions of milk, orange juice, and mouthwash. We ate handfuls of bittersweet chocolate chips and licked peanut butter off spoons. When we ran out of sweets to eat, timberland dancing boots we snitched sugary Flintstones vitamins out of the medicine cabinet. We became masters of the Kraft macaroni and cheese lunch, and we dutifully called our mother at work three times a day to give her timberland roll top boots updates on our adventures. But don't call too often or speak too loudly or whine too much, we told ourselves, or timberland boots discount else they'll get annoyed and she'll get fired and the summers will end. e shaped our days the way we chose, cheap timberland boots far from the prying eyes of adults. RSE timberland classic lug shoes timberland boat shoes timberland boots. When you watch a race, perhaps you will only focus on Discount Shoes the runners' movement, and neglect their wears. In fact, the sportswear will decide who will win the final match to great extent. Just turn to those all-stars. hy they are more excellent and brilliant than others. The sport gift is may be their top priority, however, they High Heel Shoes just believe what they wear, they have a strong faith that coat armors they wear will bring them good luck, and the fact is indeed Ferragamo shoes the case, although what they wear is not special at all. o the runner, the sports running shoes seem very important, which Jimmy choo shoes mostly depends on the shoes' quality and performance. Just because of this, the average running shoes will be far behind the professional ones at the price. For most sports, the sportswear seem to be the key to success.

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Essentially most things you can do on your Android device you can 'cast' to your TV. It's a bit like a dumber Apple TV, one that doesn't have its own onboard apps but just plays what some other device sends it (or tells it to play -- the distinction is blurred). It's similar to having an Airplay-only device on your TV; bearing in mind that they are similar protocols but not the same nor interchangeable. Its main disadvantage is that it can't play content that's local to your network, so if you have your own movies and things you have to play them on your device and screencast it to chromecast. Which may or may not be well supported and look decent. You can do the latter with Apple TV as well, but the thing is you don't have to, at least for any content that's supported by iTunes. The Apple TV approach is one I recommend for someone who's already pretty invested in the Apple ecosystem. It's probably the quickest route to maximum versatility without going to a lot of expense or trouble. I do have a DVD player (other than my computers), but it and the TV are both so old they use SCART. A smart TV will hunt for your network, ask for a password and then present you with whatever app-based interface it uses so you can start consuming content. You want to push a signal in over a wire, HDMI is the best way ( but not usually the only way on a decent TV ). You want to take the sound to somewhere it sounds decent ( thin tellies mean small speakers, no resonant cavity and crappy sound ) use an optical link ( over a cable ) to a soundbar for the most compact solution. You can buy a receiver later if you decide you need better sound. It came with a separate WiFi USB dongle, which I repurposed on another machine after discovering it was a rather nice dual-band device based on the Atheros chipset. Netflix is all I use the TV's 'smart'ness for; I have played round with using it as a DLNA client but it's not nearly as nice as using the XBMC box. It's all basically as straightforward and usable as it can get. If I were going to buy a Smart TV again I might get a Samsung or Vizio, as there's a Plex app available for both.

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The highlight here was when all the side characters in Arya's story meet Jon and not one of them mentions her. Does loyal mean adhering blindly to someone who perhaps is making poor decisions, or does it mean trying to steer them towards the better way? . She had one fight scene with Arya, got send off by Sansa and then goes to the Dragonpit and tells Jaime fuck loyalty. As you say, the script outlines indicated this and Dinklage mentions how Tyrion was smitten with Dany. In the books, Tyrion has the tendency to fall in love with all these pretty young women and then feel self-pity and bitterness when he is rejected. With Sansa, he did the right thing and left her alone. But in ADwD, Tyrion sees revulsion in the slave's eyes and proceeds to rape her. Probably through some bad writing and illogical plot no doubt. Tyrion is already having big differences of opinion with Dany. But I don't know if that is enough for him to betray her when the army of the dead is at their doorstep. The frog's life is real, but the kid who throws rocks and kills it doesn't think of it as causing pain and ending a life because the child hasn't fully learned empathy yet. I guarantee that if adults DID order executions in front of their own children since babyhood as a right and proper way of ruling and punishing evil, vanishingly few six-year-olds would suddenly rise up and scold their parents for wrongdoing from a spontaneously attained position of moral superiority, if they'd never been taught that what their parents were doing was wrong. They did this for a bit of continuity, while they trashed GRRM's entire Vale storyline. I'd be shocked if the showrunners even bother showing SR again. But Book SR is still only eight, and therefore he cannot be judged a sociopath, because that can't be diagnosed in children, and I doubt GRRM is going to write SR growing up old enough to BE a teenager or an adult (sociopathic or otherwise). Besides, as I said, sociopaths have no deep emotional ties, and SR has developed a strong emotional tie to Sansa, and shown empathy for her hurt feelings, which gives hope that SR could grow up to be something better.